Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TIDEWALKER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man it feels good to finally get a new boss down. We got him on the second attempt but the first attempt ended in less than 30 seconds because the MT went down. I maybe putting to much into this boss downing but it really feels like WA is back on track. With people going back to school and a lot of people leaving for other reasons WA went through some hard times. We recruited a lot of new people, but to be honest a lot of them where a little lacking gear wise. However, with a few Kara and Gruul's runs over the past couple of weeks they have improved significantly. I also think that the experience doing 25 mans has helped a lot. Kara is great but even Gruul's is a whole different ballgame. We also got one of our old tanks back. All of these things combined has left me feeling very optimistic about the future.

We also downed Gruul's last night before we did Tidewalker. We took a new approach to the old content that I really like. At the start of the raid our GM said that we are giving Gruul's 1 hour. If we don't clear it in that time, then we are headed to SSC anyway. We cut it a little close but we did it. Hopefully we can extend this practice to Mag also since there is a lot of good gear in there that even some of the guild vets need.

Anyway here are the drops:
[Ring of Sundered Souls] - Tidewalker
[Razor-Scale Battlecloak] - Tidewalker
[Girdle of the Tidal Call] - Tidewalker
[Pauldrons of the Fallen Hero] - High King
[Pauldrons of the Fallen Champion] - High King
[Maulgar's Warhelm] - High King
[Leggings of the Fallen Defender] - Gruul
[Leggings of the Fallen Champion]
- Gruul
[Collar of Cho'gall] - Gruul
[Aldori Legacy Defender] - Gruul

Patch 2.3:
I have to say I am getting more excited about Patch 2. 3. They keep coming out with little things that make me happy. I am also really excited about the Daily Heroic instance quests. I think this will really help me get groups to get badges and rep.

Q: Will Blizz ever give moonkin indoor roots?
A: "It's something that is possible for Wrath of the Lich King, but it's difficult to say for certain at this point. " - Eyonix, & "I've been on the campaign for quite some time." - Eyonix (source)

For those of you that don't know, Eyonix leveled a Moonkin not to long ago. At first he defended a lot of Blizzard's moonkin design choices saying that Itemization was fine and that he had no problems getting in groups even without an indoor CC. However, he went silent about his moonkin activities. Hopefully this means he is feeling some of the frustrations that Moonkin feel and has pushed him to advocate for us.

His response is very wishy washy but the fact that there was a blue response at all is great. It shows that we have an advocate. Don't get me wrong I am not one of those moonkin that wants every thing under the sun. I think our damage is good and our itemization isn't bad if you are willing to wear cloth. However, I think Moonkin have a few rough edges that could be smoothed with a few small changes. One of them is the CC issue. Having indoor roots as a high level balance talent would make us a lot more viable for 5-man instances. I should do a moonkin improvement post later.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Just what I've posted above. Raiding and Heroics mainly. Graylo hasn't gotten any new gear in a while, but to be honest there isn't a whole lot that I want that is really available. I only need Feral and Resto gear from Kara, Gruul's lair has a belt I wouldn't mind having but I want the belt off of Lurker even more. Mag has a great trinket but we haven't done him in a while. Other than T5 gear there isn't a whole lot in SSC that I want. Its not a big deal though. I am pretty happy with my gear right now.

Graypal - Got him up to about half way through 53, and still had quite a bit of rested xp left. It was funny I started the weekend with about 3 or 4 bars left in 51. I knew I had a lot of rested xp, but when I dinged 52 I realized that Graypal had a whole level of rested xp. When I dinged 53, I had a little less than half a level of rested xp. I guess I was off for a little while. It is getting harder to level him because I can't do short trips with him. The zones I am now questing in have really long quest circuits and no Inns. Plus my guide says to keep my Hearth in Darn right now so I can't hearth back to an Inn easily. All of this means I feel like I need several hours to dedicate to him to make it worth while. I can't wait to get him to Outland.

On a positive note, I have come to some conclusions on how I will play in Outland. My original plan was to respec Holy and try and level in instances. Leaving the quests until I had max out the rep I could get from instances. The main goal of this was to learn priest healing and to make it easier to get the Heroic keys. However, I have come to enjoy shadow and I am not sure how much I would raid with Graypal no matter what spec he is. The good news is that Blizzard has taken away the concern about Heroic Keys. They will become purchaseable at Honored when patch 2.3 comes out. So no more long instance grinds just to get keys

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