Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Into the Breach

Well, after the first week of progression focused raiding we don't have much to show for it. We did down Lurker again fairly quickly and the [Cord of Screaming Terrors] did drop again, but I did not get it again. Oh well. The other drops were [Grove-Bands of Remulos] & [Mallet of the Tides]. The other funny thing is that [Wildfury Greatstaff] has been dropping like candy for us. Four out of our five active druids has it and only one of us is feral.

We did get some attempts on Tidewalker and Fathomlord, but did not down either. The problem with Tidewalker seems to be the adds and timing AOE. Most of the attempts seem to go like this. Everythings is fine until earthquake. Adds come. All the mages and locks are dead. We need to come up with some way to signal the mages when it is ok to start AOE. On FathomLord the hunter pet was the issue. We had a hard time picking it up to start and it was going around killing healers. When we figured that out we had an issue with the Hunter getting heals from the Priest.

It was a little frustrating to wipe a lot but that is part of the game. We can't to kill these guys on the first night or two of trying. Hopefully we can maintain a fairly consistent group with good DPS so that we can get some new kills soon.

Toon Update:
Graylo - Just raiding really. No new loot but I did discover the Super Rejuvenation Potion. Its not that great of a potion but it leaves only the two flasks I have yet to discover. I've also decided that I need to get the honor to get the PVP trinket. I am getting to messed up by fears and stuff in arena.

Graypal - He is up to 50 now, and I should make it to 60 just in time so that the leveling nerf comes in with patch 2.3. I guess the good news is that I have finally left the 30 - 50 range of leveling. I am so tired of those zones. I don't have as much experiance with the 50-60 zones and I am thinking of skipping ahead to Eastern and Western plaguelands because I didn't see much of them with Graylo.

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